Kind Words


An awesome bunch of performers, and super nice people!

Wendy J

Very cool band. Thank you for playing for the Tomiki Aikido members during our banquet.

Rob B

We were blown away by the performance! The Festival was a huge success, thank you for making such a big impact and contribution!

If we do another festival next year, I hope you will be a part of it again!

What a wonderful response we had from our audience and attendees!

Franca G
Franklin Academy

Triangle Taiko Club's performance was cheerful and energized as always!

Ruri G

Awesome performance for Wake Forest's Pack 500!!!! We really enjoyed the beauty and power of their art!

Jenifer I

Awesome fun! Thank you.

Comment from the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

Kathy W

We enjoyed your performance!! Great job!!

Andrea S

Stumbled upon you guys downtown. My wife and I loved it. Will definitely search out upcoming events.

Rob D

The drumming last night was amazing and inspiring! I've always enjoyed the taiko, I want to try! 🙂 keep up the good work! Gannbatte!

Andrea W

The kids were awed by the performance. While there, I wasn't sure what they were thinking as they pretty much sat there and weren't clapping. As soon as I had my class alone I asked what they thought and they instantly said "It was cool! It was awesome!" I think they literally were awed to where they forgot to clap a whole lot.

Comment from Baldwin Theatre

Everyone was very friendly. The performers were engaging the children very well.

Comment from Baldwin Theatre

Thank you so much for performing for our students! They enjoyed your performance, but not nearly as much as I did! Taiko is such a lovely blend of grace and strength. I did not appreciate the duality of Taiko until I saw how you performed.

On the business end…I hope you get some business out of your visit to our school! Thank you for such a high quality performance!

Gina, McDougle Elementary

Thank you!!

Your group was amazing! I got so many positive comments at school yesterday about the drumming. I should be around again next year for the planning of Multicultural Night. I will be in touch again!

Be sure to thank the rest of your group for me!

Bobby Hartman, EK Powe

Please give your fellow performers our most sincere thanks for an awesome performance! It was truly amazing. I kept imagining how powerful it would be on the garden lawn. Perhaps we can get the group out on a nicer day for a command performance. You all were so wonderful to help us celebrate the Gala --especially in the rainy weather conditions

Anne M. Porter

Thank you and the Triangle Taiko Drum Mates, and Triangle Special Taiko, for providing awesome entertainment at our event...WOW! What a great opening act...your performance was exhilarating and inspiring. You engaged the crowd and, as I watched their faces, they were spellbound with the rhythms and the movement of the performers as they played. For me, you brought back some very special memories of when I lived in Japan.

Bill Kurtz

Thank you very much for blessing the Deerfield community with your SUBARASHI performance this afternoon. Please convey our appreciation to all of the Triangle Taiko drummers for your energetic, mesmerizing performance ! Your love of this wonderful art was apparent to all.........and it was contagious!

Sally and Spencer

We LOVED your performances!! THANK YOU so much for coming all the way from Raleigh to teach us a little more about Taiko and Japan and for entertaining our group. I was so impressed with your songs, your costumes, and your performances. Thank you again for this.

Gretchen Brown

Drove up from Fayetteville to catch your show at Meredith last night and it was more than worth the trip. You guys rock. You get better each time I catch your act.